Law of Polarity & Interconnectedness - a graphic symbol candidate

I've been meditating on various geometric symbols that epitomize the quintessence of the 7 natural (or Hermetic) Laws of truth that apply to all life. A friend and mentor (Floyd Edwards, author of Symbolism of the Great Seal of the United States) introduced me to a book in the early 1970's called the Kybalion, which has been in print almost a century which describes these seven Universal laws. Since the book has gone out of copyright, you can also read it online in its entirety here.

One of the laws (#4 in the sequence presented in the
Kybalion ) is the Law of Polarity which states that everything has its opposites; and all opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree. In light of contemporary systems theory, which reminds us that everything is interconnected, it would seem that the solution to the problems of limiting polarized perspectives (which threaten to keep our planet on a destructive course, from individuals to nations,) would be to embrace perspectives that INTEGRATE and reconcile seemingly different point of view -- with the realization that we're all one and merely operate (for the most part) from differing "degrees" of various polarized viewpoints.

I just listened to a superb
interview by Ashok Gangadean addressing many aspects of this concept. I'm also realizing that a symbol that represents many aspects of this transcending vision is the "string art" genre which shows all possible permutations of a network. Theoretically, the ultimate symbol would depict every possible point in all dimensions of space time (and beyond) interconnected to every other point (which is what physics now suggests is the closest model of our Universe, to the best of my knowledge). However, a symbol with a dozen points around a central point suffices as a pretty good placeholder for us 3D folks Happy Here's a sketch of my proposed candidate for a symbol for the law of polarity:

Pasted Graphic