Cosmic Rays and Great Pyramid

Here's a recent email from my friend Tim in China who was interested in energy photographs of pyramids, and my response.

I spent a good part of the day looking at several sites, including your blog, hoping to get closer to an understanding of exactly how Sacred Geometry affects us mentally/emotionally/physically. I found an energy photograph taken of a pyramid. The pyramid, based on the Great Pyramid, has energy streaming in a double vortex (like DNA) out the apex. It is clear that something is going on.

The photograph of energy around pyramids I wish I had a copy of was created by a composite of computer data compiled by a former neighbor of mine, Nick Chakakis, who was working for Lawrence Livermore Lab in the early 1970s and had set up an elaborate set of parallel detectors underneath the 2nd pyramid at Giza, Egypt (usually ascribed to Kephren, in much the same way the White House might some day be called the Pelosi House by future archaeologists, I imagine Happy Any way, what Nick showed me before I went to Egypt in the fall of 1973, was a photograph (computer simulation, really) showing the accumulated totals of cosmic ray particles that had passed through the massive thickness of limestone blocks composing the 2nd pyramid. My understanding is that when a high energy cosmic ray particle (mu meson if I recall my college physics correctly?) passed through an X-Y matrix of wires in an evacuated, (inert gas filled?) chamber, it was registered and within a nanosecond, give or take, it would also register with a similar X-Y matrix a meter or so away. Depending on the angle, the number of particles registered varies widely. Measurements were taken over many days to give a "portrait" of the thickness of the stone. They took these measurements from several places far enough apart that they could create a 3D model of the thickness of the stone in order to pinpoint where any hidden chambers might be. Most of their "photos" looked upward, but they "took" one photo looking (through hundreds of feet of solid limestone) toward the Great Pyramid. What was evident in the image was an unmistakable outline of the Great Pyramid on the horizon, which was black (since below the horizon there are vastly fewer cosmic particles that make it through thousands of miles of earth compared with a few hundred feet of stone). However... and this is what impressed me most... there was a distinct "halo" or "corona" around the Great Pyramid with a bright emphasized area around the capstone area. If the pyramid shape was "neutral" there should have just been an abrupt edge with roughly the same intensity for the "sky" area" and fairly uniform intensity for the "Great Pyramid" area. However, this corona seemed to match what I'd just learned from attending a lecture by Patrick Flanagan around that same time, that the shape acts as a lens to focus cosmic energy, and everything in my direct and indirect experience seems to support this.
I also heard somewhere (perhaps Peter Tompkins book?) anecdotally that pilots don't fly directly over the Great Pyramid, because their instrumentation goes wacky... I was able to contact Nick a few years ago, but he wasn't able to find that photo...alas.