Interview with David Gibson on

On Saturday, February 23, 2008 at 5PM Pacific Time, I will be the guest on David Gibson's show on BBSRadio... I hope you can listen in!

David was the host and organizer of a wonderful
conference last month that I was honored to give a presentation at ... The Globe Sound Healing Conference (There will be another in San Francisco in May 2008)... It was a marvelous experience where I got to meet lots of interesting friends and connect with many kindred souls such as: Randy Masters (a brilliant synthesizer of ancient and contemporary insights about sound - his workshop was great fun; his vesica delta bipyramid fold-up is featured on page 221 of my Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook), Elizabeth Upton (a bright and enthusiastic videographer working on a documentary on sacred geometry), Judy Cole of Healing Partnerships (who won my 2007 contest - see the Feb 1 2008 post), Gary Schwartz, PhD (doing fascinating energy healing research), Mandara Cromwell (working with friend Jeff Volk bringing Hans Jenny's Cymatics work forward,) Rick Henderson (who created some superb 3D polyhedra visuals in real time for the evening concerts using Zuma software and his own MIDI setup), a pioneer in neuro-acoustic research Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, Barbara Hero (creator of the Lambdoma keyboard), Dr. Fred Bell (amazing inventor), John Gil (an architect incorporating sacred geometry) and Don Estes to name just a few.