Sacred Geometry Workshop for Artists in Medford Oregon - 12April2008 9AM-1PM

Fascinated by the mystical aesthetic appeal of Renaissance artists like DaVinci? Numerous artists since antiquity intentionally used techniques now referred to as sacred geometry in their masterpieces. You can too! Discover the secret behind the appeal their art holds to this day.

Hands-on Artist's Workshop will show classic sacred geometry constructions and theory for visual artists - The class will supply all the background needed to incorporate the principles of "interconnectedness" and proportions that represent our cosmic relatedness for any artist with no math background required. Bring a compass and straight-edge to replicate the universal patterns and ratios with the "classic" constructions used by Plato, Pythagoras, Da Vinci, and numerous other ancient, Renaissance and contemporary artists from a variety of media and disciplines.

Projects will include: 2D constructions (Vesica Piscis, Seed of Life,
Flower of Life, Golden Rectangles, Golden Triangles, Squaring the Circle, inscribed pentagrams, mandalas, tilings, etc.) as well as 3D polyhedra foldups and working in various 2D and 3D media.

Central Art Supply at 541-773-1444 or Bruce Rawles for details and enrollment. Cost is $20 and includes handout material needed to replicate the workshops projects and references. Autographed, personalized copies of Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook will be available for puchase as well.

Here is a printable poster about the workshop.