Wonderful interview of Jonathan Haidt by Bill Moyers

Nancy & I just watched a wonderful interview of Jonathan Haidt by Bill Moyers which speaks not only to the current political divisiveness in this country, but the deeper issue of demonization, polarization and ‘we/they’ thinking at the root of the divisive/divided minds we all mess with. A couple of  favorite phrases from this interview: “Follow […]

The bottom line of martial arts for kids

The other day a friend mentioned that she was taking her kids to Tae Kwon Do. Is the alternate spelling “tyke want dough”? 🙂

Visual Arts Inspiration: Brother Muses

My cousin just made a FaceBook posting about a long-overdue trek in Yosemite which inspired this response: Yesterday I got to meet with Yosemite hiking buddy Dave (since 7th grade!) in Pueblo, Colorado. He and his brother Don have been inspirations for photography (as well as visual arts in general, music, etc.) for many years. […]

Another great sci-fi zazzle poster from David Van Dyke

My buddy Dave just sent me a link to another of his superb visual gems; “Attack of the Space Pirates” is the name of this one. Dave has shared his amazing art and inspirations with me since about 1970. Here’s another one that has been happily on the wall for years entitled “Going Home” and […]

Avoiding holiday decoration fines

Just in case there’s an ordinance for leaving holiday decorations up too long in our new neighborhood, I took the wreath off the front door earlier today. If there was a $100 fine, I can just imagine the slogan they would use: “A wreath, a Franklin” 🙂

47 hand offs and candid compassion

Yesterday I had a conversation with a consulting colleague about a shared interest, lean manufacturing and production. A few years ago, after some generous mentoring from another friend and colleague, I had the pleasure of doing a few months of consulting for a branch of the US military. After a month of training to become […]

Great speech by Steve Jobs

Sacred Geometry workshop in Castle Rock, CO – 8Oct2011

Sacred geometry researcher, artist and author, Bruce Rawles, is giving an a day-long, hands-on workshop from 10AM-5PM on Saturday, October 8, 2011, in Castle Rock, CO. Pre-registration is required, due to limited space. Please contact Bruce via GeometryCode.com to register or for more info via phone or skype with additional details. Bring a geometer’s compass, […]

Fave movies

Bruce’s rating of assorted movies: 5 STARS The Answer Man (2009) Avatar (2009) Being John Malkovich (1999) Being There (1979) Crop Circles: Quest for Truth (2002) The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) Fawlty Towers: The Complete Set (3-Disc Series) (1975) Groundhog Day (1993) Inception (2010) Invictus (2009) […]

The inside job of forgiving our insane projections

While contemplating this past week, what I believe happened a decade ago (with emphasis on the word believe), I realized again that forgiving myself for projecting a world of separation is my real job here; that’s what undoes unexamined fear, what loosens the white-knuckled grip of avoided, yet unfounded guilt. Along with that comes the […]