Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation intervew Wed. May 12, 2010 Noon-1PM PDT

In case you missed the show, here’s link to an archive of the show you can listen to any time.

… I will be was a guest on the 7th Wave VoiceAmerica radio show:
Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation Interview with Peter Tongue: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 from Noon-1PM PDT. Here’s a graphic of the show:

Here’s a description of the show …

Since the beginning of time, there have been cosmic laws that govern all life from quarks to galaxies. Two world views; one of wholeness and inclusion, and the other, which permeates most of our thinking in both obvious and insidious ways, deals with separation, differences, specialness and exclusion. We have the power to choose – moment to moment – which thought system we want to use … the one gently originating from a peaceful feeling beyond fearful or conflicted motivations, the other never quite resulting in anything we are happy with. The world view/identity/thought system of pure oneness engages these same universal laws in ways that result in vastly different experiences. Symbolic indicators in the material world in geometric form can be metaphoric reminders to choose the inclusive thought system which helps us forgive our misperceptions and ditch the victimizing, dysfunctional practice of blame, bringing our prodigal selves to lasting serenity.

…    and     my list of questions to cover … in an hour! … We’ll see how far we get! It’s always fun to do interviews, no matter how far we ‘seem’ to get! 🙂

1    What are the two thought systems/identities/world views and why is this so pivotally important to any other conversation?
2    Why is A Course In Miracles your favorite book?
3    What are the seven Hermetic Laws of antiquity, and what is their importance to our life experience?
4    Why does the thought system of inclusion/wholeness/kindness engage these universal laws in a completely different way?
5    Why do you consider geometric (and other) forms merely placeholders or mnemonic aids?
6    What geometric symbols relate to the seven Hermetic Laws?
7    How can being aware of every day reminders help us forgive our misperceptions and limited ideas about others?
8    Why do the implications of modern physics offer profound tools for liberation?
9    What was the significance of your dream of being in the projection room of an empty theater?
10    What books, movies, music and media do you recommend and why?

I hope you can tune in! Here’s the link to the program archive.