Visual Arts Inspiration: Brother Muses

My cousin just made a FaceBook posting about a long-overdue trek in Yosemite which inspired this response: Yesterday I got to meet with Yosemite hiking buddy Dave (since 7th grade!) in Pueblo, Colorado. He and his brother Don have been inspirations for photography (as well as visual arts in general, music, etc.) for many years. […]

47 hand offs and candid compassion

Yesterday I had a conversation with a consulting colleague about a shared interest, lean manufacturing and production. A few years ago, after some generous mentoring from another friend and colleague, I had the pleasure of doing a few months of consulting for a branch of the US military. After a month of training to become […]

Spring in Lithia Park

Enjoying a very pleasant walk to the park 🙂

Nancy with wind blown hair, Gold beach yesterday

Nancy loves walking on the beach; the photo is from yesterday after arriving here from Ashland; today we took the 80-mile jet boat ride up the Rogue River; saw bald eagles, herons, lots of cormorants, deer, an otter and more. We just generally had a blast… 🙂

Nancy (& I) waiting for our flight to Denver

to visit grand kids … And their folks 🙂 … Looking forward to it!