Pun archives

Here are a few puns, resurrected from our old website… The currency of these puns is fading fast (if not already gone! 🙂

  • Q. Why do they call some non-fluorescent light bulbs “Peruvian”?
    A. Because they are of Incan descent! 🙂 (A pun that is actually spelled correctly!) This one has a poster to go with it…
    If you were impressed with Apocalypse Now, wait ’til you see the sequel!
    (I just resurrected this double pun from my archives.)
  • Q. For those who remember back that far, what was the middle name of the host of the Galloping Gourmet TV show, Graham Kerr?
    A. Crah
  • …although initially Raymond had loaned Cathleen thousands to help get her computer monitor business going, when she was down to her last payment, Cath owed Ray two bits!… (and an obscure variation for those familiar with Boontling, a made-up language my grandparents spoke in the Anderson Valley of northern California near Boonville; in Boont, toobs was the word for ‘two bits’ or 25 cents… so, here goes a simpler but much more obscure version, now that I’ve given the punchline away 🙂 … Raymond loaned Cathleen 25 cents, so Cath owed Ray toobs.