Wonderful interview of Jonathan Haidt by Bill Moyers

Nancy & I just watched a wonderful interview of Jonathan Haidt by Bill Moyers which speaks not only to the current political divisiveness in this country, but the deeper issue of demonization, polarization and ‘we/they’ thinking at the root of the divisive/divided minds we all mess with. A couple of  favorite phrases from this interview: “Follow the sacredness” (meaning just be willing to look at our own sacred cows and see that we’re ALL biased, which leads to identifying with the observer, rather than the little ‘vested interest’ self. I think this is a great companion quote to “follow the money.” and “We’re all hypocrites.” This would backfire if we used the latter maxim to ‘beat up’ on ourselves, but instead, if we can just laugh at the silliness of our passions, pursuits and preferences in this wacky world… It’s refreshing to see a meaningful dialogue about our minds tendency to separate and how shared interests are at the heart of effective relationships of any kind, regardless of the form.