Furry Starry Widow Mural (Ladle Rat Rotten Hut)

(A quick note: a few years ago, I was doing some web design work for a dear friend and client in southern Oregon (Leonard Laskow) and we discovered a mutual interest in puns… Some time later, I showed this total pun blitz to him at one of our design meetings, and he exclaimed, “Bruce, I […]

The Geometry Code book: now on Kindle!

The Geometry Code book now has a Kindle edition! An Inclusive Identity transforms our experience from separate to whole. Our inner teacher of kindness reinterprets every day events in ways that lead us to freedom. Observing our minds with this guidance, we apply universal laws to our individual lives, using geometric metaphors as memory aids, […]

Book: The Geometry Code: Universal Symbolic Mirrors of Natural Laws Within Us; Friendly Reminders of Inclusion to Forgive the Dreamer of Separation by Bruce Rawles

This is a project I’ve been working on since the late 1990’s; it’s fun to finally be able to share it with everyone! 🙂 This page is also on my GeometryCode website here. The Geometry Code book – available June 5, 2012! Enjoy both book and screensaver for just the price of the book! Tuesday, […]

Happy Hemispheres

I just listened to the rest of Swami Beyondananda’s April Fools Day online show with three other comics – fun! 🙂 One mentioned research showing differences in the amygdala of the brain between liberally and conservatively biased types. Perhaps what we all need is just being Merry (A)mygdala’n. 🙂

What Does Donny call Marie?…


Putting The Elephant In The Jar

When I was a kid, one of the popular riddles went something like this: “How do you capture an elephant, using a pair of tweezers, a jar and binoculars?” The obvious answer, using the selective suspension of logic that makes kid humor fun, is to use the binoculars backwards, and then take the tweezers to […]

Wonderful interview of Jonathan Haidt by Bill Moyers

Nancy & I just watched a wonderful interview of Jonathan Haidt by Bill Moyers which speaks not only to the current political divisiveness in this country, but the deeper issue of demonization, polarization and ‘we/they’ thinking at the root of the divisive/divided minds we all mess with. A couple of  favorite phrases from this interview: “Follow […]

The bottom line of martial arts for kids

The other day a friend mentioned that she was taking her kids to Tae Kwon Do. Is the alternate spelling “tyke want dough”? 🙂

Avoiding holiday decoration fines

Just in case there’s an ordinance for leaving holiday decorations up too long in our new neighborhood, I took the wreath off the front door earlier today. If there was a $100 fine, I can just imagine the slogan they would use: “A wreath, a Franklin” 🙂

47 hand offs and candid compassion

Yesterday I had a conversation with a consulting colleague about a shared interest, lean manufacturing and production. A few years ago, after some generous mentoring from another friend and colleague, I had the pleasure of doing a few months of consulting for a branch of the US military. After a month of training to become […]